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Family Practice Physician Assistant

Location:Sequim, WA
Employment Type:Full Time
Department:Family Health Clinic
Description:REPORTS TO: Medical Director

Status: Full-time; 4 day work week/32 hours per week; hours 8-5 in clinic.

The Physician Assistant is academically and clinically prepared to provide health care services with the direction and supervision of a qualified licensed Physician. This includes performing diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive and health maintenance services in any setting in which the Physician renders care, in order to allow more effective and focused application of the Physician’s particular knowledge and skills.

Duties:1. Evaluations of patients – elicit detailed and accurate patient histories, perform physical examinations, delineate health problems and record data.

2. Monitoring – assist the Physician in developing and implementing patient management plans, recording progress notes and assisting in the provision of continuity of care.

3. Discuss patient treatments and assessments with supervising, referring, and consulting Physicians as well as Nurses and other health care providers.

4. Propose and initiate treatment programs for patients. Order appropriate therapy and treatments with Physician signature. Prescribe appropriate medications to relieve symptoms. Start or discontinue medications.

5. Diagnostics – perform and interpret routine diagnostic procedures or order routine or specific procedures and interpret. (i.e. laboratory, radiological, cardio graphic, etc.).

6. Therapeutics – perform routine procedures such as, but not limited to injections, immunizations, suturing and wound care managing simple conditions produced by infection or trauma and assisting in the management of more complex illnesses and injuries.

7. Counseling – instruct and counsel patients regarding compliance with prescribed therapeutic regimens or other areas such as normal growth and development, family planning or general health maintenance.

8. Referral – facilitate the referral of patients to community’s social service agencies when necessary. Follow up when appropriate.
9. Perform various clerical duties directly related to job function such as dictate and/or write progress notes with Physician review, review previously ordered lab and/or radiographic studies, fill out paperwork for protocol and non-protocol patients and prepare records for new patient evaluations, obtaining appropriate notes from medical records, other Physicians or health providers and file.

10. Obtain medical histories.

11. Perform physical examinations and record normal and abnormal findings.

12. Order appropriate laboratory and diagnostic procedures.

13. Interpret and integrate findings to determine appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic plans, exercising a degree of independent judgment.

14. Manage medical and surgical emergencies.

15. Triage patients within the office and per phone calls.

16. Perform technical medical procedures.

17. Prescribe or recommend medications.

18. Administer injections and other treatments.

19. Suture minor lacerations.

20. Start IV’s.

21. Obtain throat cultures.

22. Patient education and counseling.

23. Provide preventative health care treatment.

24. Report to Physicians on service in clinical matters. General supervision is received from Physicians, and consultation is available regarding special problems.

25. Follow established protocol and collaborate with Physicians.

26. Contribute as a lead care provider among other support staff such as Medical Assistants and Nurses.

27. Perform other related duties as assigned.
Qualifications:1. Graduation from an accredited program of Physician Assistant studies; certification through Nation Commission of Certification for Physician Assistants.

2. Maintenance of certification through state board of medical licensure; graduation from an accredited school of nursing and current licensure through state board of nursing.

3. Registration by state board of nursing as Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with certification at nation level as Nurse Practitioner or exam eligible.

4. A two year degree in an appropriate area of study (as recognized by the National Commission of Certification of Physician Assistants.)

5. Must have State Physician’s Assistant Certification accomplished through completion of Board approved apprenticeship, and evaluation or graduation from Board approved P.A. program, and satisfactory completion of exam (given by National Commission of Certification of Physician’s Assistants) or must have completed necessary requirements to take test and planning to do so.

6. Must be CPR certified.

7. A minimum of one to three years of Physician Assistant work experience, some of which may have to be in a specific specialty area.

8. Courteous and tactful.

9. Neat and friendly appearance.

10. Good communication skills with Physicians, patients and support staff.

11. Good verbal and reading abilities to present information to patients and

12. American Indian/Alaska Native preferences apply.

Work environment: The office/nursing home environment with frequent exposure to electricity, hazardous materials, hazardous waste, infectious waste, fumes or gases, radiation, occasional exposure to laser and constant exposure to blood borne pathogens and biological substances.

This position is covered by the provisions of the Crime Control Act of 1990, Subchapter V - Child Care Worker Employee Background Checks (42 U.S.C. 13041) and the Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act of 1990 (25 U.S.C. 3201-3210). As such, each applicant will be required, as a pre-condition to employment, to submit to a 5-year criminal history background check, including fingerprinting. The applicant will be able to obtain a copy of the criminal history report (from the reporting agency) made available to the Tribe and they will have the right to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in the report.

The grounds for denying employment, based on the results of the back ground check, include the following: any conviction for a sex crime; an offense involving a child victim; a drug felony; or if a person has been found guilty of or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to any federal, state or Tribal offense involving a crime of violence, sexual assault, sexual molestation, child exploitation, sexual contact, prostitution or crimes against persons.

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