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Physician - Family Practice/Healthy Aging Program

Location:Sequim, WA
Employment Type:Full Time
Department:Family Health Clinic
Description:REPORTS TO: Medical Director as assigned by Employer

STATUS: Full Time/40 Hours per week with benefits.

Jamestown Family Health Clinic is an approved National Health Service Corp site for repayment of up to $50,000 in health profession student loans.

Physician provides comprehensive medical services for patients regardless of age or sex, on a continuing basis. Physician services will focus on care for the elderly patient in various geriatric care settings, and will include clinic based general family practice services as well.

Physician is subject to Employer’s general direction, control, and supervision with respect to all services and duties performed pursuant to the Agreement and this position description, including, but not limited to, setting work hours and determining the locations where Physician will provide services.

Physician has no authority to enter into contracts or agreements on behalf of Employer without specific written consent of Employer’s Chief Executive Officer or his or her designee.
Duties:1. Practice Geriatric Care and Family Medicine within scope of license, training, credentialing, and current standards of care, including the quality of care criteria adopted by the clinic.

2. Assess patient health by interviewing patients, performing physical examinations, obtaining, updating, and studying medical histories.

3. Determine abnormal conditions by administering or ordering diagnostic tests such as x-rays, electrocardiograms, and laboratory studies, and interpret test results and develop related treatment plans based on results.

4. Perform therapeutic procedures by administering injections and/or immunizations, and manages lacerations, wounds, infections, suspicious lesions or other related ambulatory injuries.

5. Arrange referrals, consultations, and therapeutic services, and confer with other physicians and specialists regarding diagnosis and treatment plans, including situations where other physicians may need information emergently.

6. Instruct and counsel patients regarding their therapeutic regimens, give anticipatory guidance of normal growth and development, discuss family planning, provide counseling on emotional problems of daily living, and promote wellness and prevention.

7. Maintain a safety conscious, clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules and regulations.

8. Cooperate in oversight and consultation from physicians, provide oversight of medical assistants and nursing staff pursuant to Employer policies and state law, and provide direct supervision to medical students and allied health professionals who are pursuing educational experiences in the Clinic, as directed by Employer.

9. Assist in developing health care team staff by providing information, educational opportunities, and experiential growth opportunities.

10. Obtain Refer & Follow Active Privileges with Olympic Medical Center, which will include managing short-stay orders for primary care patients.

11. Participate in after-hours and/or weekend call as determined by Medical Directors(s).

12. Comply with all applicable policies, procedures, and protocols, and participate in the development/review of these as ongoing quality improvement, at Employers direction.

13. Complete medical records as follows:

a. Patient progress notes within 72 hours of patient encounters.

b. Inbox messages, including patient calls, staff messages within 72 hours.

c. Urgent lab results within 48 hours.

d. Co-sign orders within 48 hours.

e. All labs should be reviewed within one week.

14. Properly create and maintain necessary charts, documents, and records.

15. Assist Employer in billing for all services provided pursuant to the Agreement and this position description.

16. Participate, as required by Employer, in marking programs developed or implemented by Employer.

17. Enroll as a physician in the Federal Medicare program and the Washington State Medicaid program and maintain eligibility to seek reimbursement under such programs for covered services.

18. Exercise discretion regarding all matters related to the official business of Employer.

19. Promote the interests of Employer and the Clinic at certain social and civic functions as directed by Employer.

20. Provide other services and duties as directed by Medical Director.
Qualifications:1. Graduate of a medical school, accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, with a degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO).

2. Completion of residency accredited by the Association of Family Practice Medicine Residency Directors.

3. Board certification in specialty (if newly graduated from residency, certification must be obtained within 3 years of graduation), which must be kept current.

4. Unrestricted license to practice within WA State.

5. Current DEA certificate without restriction.

6. PALS or NRP, ACLS may be required.

7. American Indian/Alaska Native preferences apply.

Work environment:

Office/nursing home environment with frequent exposure to electricity, hazardous materials, hazardous waste, infectious waste, fumes or gases, radiation, occasional exposure to lasers, and constant exposure to blood borne pathogens and biological substances.


This position is covered by the provisions of the Crime Control Act of 1990, Subchapter V - Child Care Worker Employee Background Checks (42 U.S.C. 13041) and the Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act of 1990 (25 U.S.C. 3201-3210). As such, each applicant will be required, as a pre-condition to employment, to submit to a 5-year criminal history background check, including fingerprinting. The applicant will be able to obtain a copy of the criminal history report (from the reporting agency) made available to the Tribe and they will have the right to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in the report.

The grounds for denying employment, based on the results of the back ground check, include the following: any conviction for a sex crime; an offense involving a child victim; a drug felony; or if a person has been found guilty of or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to any federal, state or Tribal offense involving a crime of violence, sexual assault, sexual molestation, child exploitation, sexual contact, prostitution or crimes against persons.

Each person submitting a resume in response to this announcement will be required to complete an employment application form provided by the Tribe, with detailed information on personal history, education, employment.

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